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Instant Offer Program!

What is the instant offer program? We will make you an offer on your home within 24 hours, buy it As-Is, and close within 10 days or on any day you choose! It’s the easiest way to sell your home!

We would love to help you out! Tell us about your property and your situation.Let’s get your property information by entering it below. We will then contact you to go over your situation and schedule a property visit so we can formulate the best offer possible.

We will make you an Honest Cash OfferThis offer is a Full Cash Offer, accepting your home in “as-is” condition. We don’t charge you any fees, or ask you to repair anything.

You can ACCEPT or DECLINEIt is totally up to you. We are not here to force you into something, nor give you a low ball offer. We are here to help you and offer solutions. if the cash offer doesn’t make sense for your situation, we may be able to provide other solutions, which is what sets us apart!





AWESOME . . . Here is what you can expect next:



NextMove Home Buyer is a veteran in the real estate industry. We have seen all types of properties in every condition imaginable. We are willing and able  to purchase properties that normal retail homebuyers and even some investors won’t touch. Normal Buyers look at homes that fit their budget and often times want ready to move in properties, asking for repairs in the escrow process. NextMove will buy your home fast, AS-IS, no repairs, and close on your timeline, simply and straightforward.

NextMove Home Buyer can tackle any renovation project, big or small, it doesn’t scare us!. We are a veteran team of professional investors who buy homes in cash and close quickly.  Simply contact us with a few simple details, and we will do that rest! Sometimes, a cash offer with a quick close doesn’t always solve your problem, and that is what sets us apart!

We can structure other types of deals and find a win-win solution for you! Contact us today!

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